Professional services companies are often heavily reliant on many human resource practices and administrative matters. The Kloud-Soft HRMS is the perfect solution to consolidating multiple platforms into one seamless system that processes data for efficiency.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.


Kloud-Soft provides a smart solution to HR Workforce Management problems with our Mobile App that features real-time attendance taking. With the App constantly updated, the status of all employees around the country will be noted and the information will be available instantly.

In addition, our software integrates all information for ease of HR management – view employee profile, payroll, leave, and time/attendance within a few clicks. Experience direct and automated transition from attendance taking to timesheet to the calculation of payroll.


With Kloud-Soft HRMS, professional services companies can lessen staff workload by up to 50%, allowing for a more cost efficient and productive management of time and resources. Stay competitive in your industry by embracing the digital age, and adopting smart solutions that will benefit your company in the long run.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Harness the power of technology with Kloud-Soft, and maximize your business potential in the digital age.

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