Manufacturing companies often face challenges of high volume inventory management, and maintaining data accuracy between platforms. Luckily for our technology manufacturing client, their transition to Microsoft Azure allowed them to utilize a unified system that integrated their workflow process from sales to inventory management.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.



Kloud-Soft transformed their electroplating business using Affinity Business Suite, an enterprise-grade platform that offers flexibility and a plethora of customizable options.

The Affinity Business Suite offers an integrated system that can be tailor-made to your professional needs. For our client, the unified system focused on increasing traceability of its parts, security of its documentation and efficiency of data processing.


Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.



Affinity Business Suite enabled our client to better facilitate data workflow, decreasing work load for staff and increasing productivity rate. With a more controlled system, they are able to confidently deliver high quality service for their clients. In today’s digital age, efficiency is a necessity to remain relevant in a competitive industry.

Harness the power of technology with Kloud-Soft, and maximize your business potential in the digital age.

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