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Business Process Outsourcing

At Kloud-Soft, we provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to assist companies in streamlining documentation, reducing the time and effort spent on manual work while handling hardcopy documents. BPO is capable of assisting operational functions, or used as a boost for a company’s digitalization process. We offer BPO services across the APAC region, and tailor the services to suit your business needs.


We offer comprehensive digitization solutions and believe in the efficacy of converting paper-based records into electronic documents. After digitizing your hard copies, we ensure that they are kept in a cloud storage with strict safety practices.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Reduces cost in managing company records

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Optimizes use of storage facilities

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Improves distribution of information across your organization

Our Scanning Methodology

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

HR Payroll Outsourcing Services

Adapting innovative systems and modern practices are a common practice for Human Resource management. Our payroll outsourcing services includes calculation of payroll, management of time and attendance records, and automation of records.

We assist in setting up respective logic, rules, and payment parameters for each employee to achieve an accurate payroll process. We also provide a portal for customers to verify payment records if required so that customers may commit the payrolls through their respective banks.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Harness the power of technology with Kloud-Soft, and maximize your business potential in the digital age.

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