Cobox is an Enterprise Mobile Messaging system that has superior functionality and features – accelerating employees’ external engagement and improve work productivity. It has the potential reduce communication error and acts as a better alternative to long email threads.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Reduce email traffic by up to 50%

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Compress Business-Critical Data Storage by up to 40%

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Increase Team Productivity by up to 50%


More than just a messaging system, Cobox has file sync and share features with info protection. Rapidly share documents in a secure and controlled environment with content integration made easy.

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With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Cobox is able to retrieve text within images which are then processed to be indexed for full-text searching. To facilitate easy access to information, the OCR enhances search functionality for business convenience.

  • Team Chats
  • Chat Archival
  • Sync & Share
  • Smart & Simple Doc Links
  • Online Viewer
  • Doc Lifestyle Management Capability
  • Secure Access Control
  • Content Integration through APIs
  • Hybrid Deployment

Kloud-Soft HRM

Kloud-Soft HR Management (HRM) is an all-in-one comprehensive solution to HR workflow. Experience an organized and smart system, where you can retrieve necessary information with ease.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Tailored to fit HR necessities and payroll methods

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Higher data accuracy

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Efficient employee management

Streamline Workflow

HR professionals are often faced with multiple platforms for employees’ information, causing delays in data edits, uploads and transfers. With Kloud-Soft HR Management Suite (HRMS), the HR workflow becomes more streamlined and enhances business efficiency and data accuracy. We provide a comprehensive list of modules to suit your HR requirements, and will select them according to your needs.


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From on-boarding, leave, time and attendance to employee benefit, and general insurance, the HRM integrates all data for greater accessibility. Removing the extra step to cross check across platforms, the HRM saves time and effort for everyone.

  • Purchase General Insurance/Group Insurance via the Platform
  • Time and Attendance with Mobile App
  • Powerful Customer Reporting Capabilities – For users to customize their own reports
  • Mobility for Employee Self Serivce
  • Manage Benefits Allocated to Employees
  • Integrates Information Directly into Payroll
  • Multi-Company Employee Management
  • Simple Payroll Processing via few steps
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Itemized payslip in compliance with IRAS format (MOM template)
  • Integrates with web services or API to accounting system

Affinity Business Suite

The Affinity Business Suite offers a highly customizable management system that features intuitive user interface for various business settings. It facilitates effective planning, co-ordination, and execution of your business strategies.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Data automation, high efficiency

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Tailored to fit any business model

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.

Higher data accuracy

Modular Solutions

The Business Suite is tailored to your unique requirements, and runs on modular solutions, allowing you to choose and scale up from several modules that are interlinked for optimized usage.

Cross Platforms

With Affinity Business Suite, manual processes and the hassle of transferring data between disparate systems are a thing of the past – boost efficiency with data automation and increased data accuracy across multiple systems today. It is a fully integrated system that boasts of cross-device and cross-platform capabilities.

Kloud-Soft Pte Ltd.
  • Collaborative Communication Capability
  • Inbuilt workflow modules
  • Extranet Portal (Customer/Supplier)
  • Integration Capability for Web Services or API
  • E-Commerce Portal

Harness the power of technology with Kloud-Soft, and maximize your business potential in the digital age.

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